Full Review: Lake Chabot Marina Park

Look for the large wooden LAKE CHABOT MARINA sign off of Lake Chabot Road.  You can park on Lake Chabot Road for free or turn into the park and pay $5 for parking inside the park.  The marina is to the left of the parking lot.   This review covers a flat, four mile hike (two miles out and back) on the East Shore trail. This trail is paved and connects to the dirt Cameron loop trail briefly and then turns into the dirt Live Oak Trail after the bridge.  There is an opportunity to wander in another direction about one half of a mile from the start of the East Shore Trail via the Indian Cove Trail (for hikers and equestrians only) which is a dirt trail that goes uphill.  The East Shore Trail is shared by runners, hikers and bicyclists. There are multiple restrooms in the park, including the marina and along the trail (portable toilets).  The marina has a cafe.


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_1.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_2.JPG

       Turn off into the park                          Park sign


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_3.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_8.JPG

      Kiosk at park entrance              Restroom by the marina



      Peddle boats for rent


As you enter the park, head to your right to start on the East Shore Trail to follow the lake perimeter in a counterclockwise direction.  There is a stretching and exercise area. There are a few picnic and BBQ areas along the way. 


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_4.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_5.JPG

            Stretching area                         Drinking fountain


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_6.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_7.JPG

                                         Picnic areas


Along the trail, there are many places to either take a stairway or dirt trail down the hill to the water to reach a dock or a dirt area so you can pull out your fishing pole and start catching some fish.  The lake is very popular for fishing.


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_10.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_11.JPG

              Fishing dock                           Fishing on shore


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_12.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_13.JPG

            View of the lake                             Fishing boat



    Double poled fisherman


The East Shore Trail has plenty of views of the lake and lots of wildlife especially birds.  The park district takes care that there are enough portable toilets, garbages and benches along the trail.



            East Shore trail


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_16.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_17.JPG

                                        Lake views


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_18.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_19.JPG

                    Duck                                         Lake view


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_20.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_21.JPG

              Portable toilet                                  Bench


You will meet up with other pedestrians, bicyclists and joggers along the trail.


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_22.JPG  Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_24.JPG

                  Bicyclists                                 Fishermen

After about 1.5 miles, there is a dirt trail on your right with a sign indicating it is the path to Racoon Point.  We stayed on the East Shore trail.  At one corner of the lake, there are circular grass patches.


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_25.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_26.JPG

       Trail to Racoon point                      Jogger


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_27.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_28.JPG

                  Wildlife                            Circular grass patches



       Park bench


Just before the bridge, the paved trail turns into dirt, and you meet up with the Cameron loop trail.  Follow the signs to the bridge.  Bicyclists must dismount their bicycles to cross the bridge and horses are not allowed on the bridge but follow along beneath it. The bridge takes to you to Live Oak Trail.  If there is a lot of rain, it is likely that the ground underneath the bridge gets very wet and may even fill up with water.  At this point, it is about two miles and you can continue around the lake for the approximately 10 mile loop back to your starting point or turn around and re-trace your steps.



         Cameron loop trail


Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_31.JPG   Lake_Chabot_Marina_Park_32.JPG

                  Bridge to the Live Oak Trail