Disability in East Bay

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Canine Companions for Independence East Bay (East Bay Region)

Volunteer opportunties include being a puppy raiser or breeder caretaker. Call them to find out what is happening in your area.

Learning Ally East Bay (East Bay Region)

This organization provides over people with print disabilities the books they need to learn and succeed. They need volunteers to help record the books for the national library accessible to everyone in the U.S. Volunteers use onsite computers to produce books in accessible digital format on CD and downloadable audio textbooks. Volunteer opportunities include: (1) Narrate the text of a book and describe any visual elements. There is a need for volunteers proficient in technical areas and school textbooks. (2) Help guide the narrators by operating easy to use recording equipment and making corrections to the recorded material when needed. (3) Digital Audio Editors review files during the production process to ensure that high quality standards are met. (4) Spreading the word about these services at schools, community events and local conferences.

Special Olympics (East Bay Region)

Volunteer opportunties include coaching, helping plan and manage the competive events, basic first aid support, fundraising and public relations.