Full Review: Palo Alto Main Community Garden

Palo Alto Main Community Garden is located behind the Main Library and is open to residents. And has master gardener classes.  It is open to the public for a stroll through the plots which are home to a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  There are a total of 129 plots.


Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_1.JPG    Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_2.JPG 

                                          Garden plots


Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_3.JPG   Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_4.JPG

                               Sections of the garden 


They supply water hoses, wheel barrows and they have a tool shed.


Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_5.JPG   Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_6.JPG 

                  Flowers                                   Scarecrow


Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_7.JPG   Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_8.JPG 

                                 Rows of garden plots


They have benches to sit on if you want to rest.


Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_9.JPG   Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_10.JPG

                   Benches                          Variety of plantings


Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_11.JPG   Palo_Alto_Community_Garden_12.JPG 

       Active gardeners          Wheel barrow and rest chair