Gardening in Palo Alto

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Edith Johnson Garden (Palo Alto)

This community garden is within the 2.5 acres Johnson Park.  The park was named after Dr. Edith Eugenie Johnson, a physician in Palo Alto from 1907 until the 1960s, she brought more than 3,500  babies into this world.

Eleanor Pardee Garden (Palo Alto)

This is home to two gardens with a total of 7300 sq ft.  The first garden is a demonstration garden that presents innovative approaches to edible landscaping, seasonally appropriate vegetable and fruit selections, methods of trellising, staking, soil preparation, and the use of mulch materials.  The second garden is open to the public.  It is the Waterwise Nature Garden with low water requirement plants like California native and Mediterranean climate plants.

Palo Alto Main Community Garden (Palo Alto)

This garden is 60,000 square feet with 129 plots for organic gardening.  There are fruits, vegetables, flowers, insects including butterflies, benches to sit.  They supply water and garden tools.  This is a volunteer garden.