Alum Rock Regional Park

This is one of the oldest city of San Jose parks and hosts covers 13 miles of trails open to hikers including six miles of horse trails and three miles of dirt bicycle trails.  Horseback riding and bicycling are only on designated trails. The park is located within Alum Rock Canyon and covers both shaded trails and trails more open to the sun.  Plant and animal life include holly leaf cherry tree, sagebrush, sycamore, maple, white alder, red willow, different types of oak trees, Madrone, California buckeye, toyon, wild rose, sticky monkey flower, wild blackberries, black tailed deer, brush rabbits, quail, red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, Stellar jays and bobcats.  There is water and restrooms throughout the park including trail entrances (but not along the trails).


No dogs are allowed in the park.  No smoking.  Horses are allowed on trails designated for equestrian use and are not to be led or ridden at a gait faster than a walk. Horses are not allowed in or around the picnic areas.

Operating Hours

8 am to one half hour after sunset.  Park is closed on Mondays.


There is a $6 fee for parking within the park- there is a discount for seniors.

Disabled Access

Handicap parking spots are offered in all the lots.


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15350 Penitencia Creek Road

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Contact Info

Phone: 408-259-5477