Full Review: Alum Rock Regional Park

The entrance to the park is on Penitencia Creek Road. 


              Park sign

They have a medium sized (~20 car) free parking lot before the entrance to the park or you can pay the $6 entrance fee and park inside the park.

AlumRockRegionalPark2s.JPG   AlumRockRegionalPark3s.JPG

         Free parking lot                    Kiosk at park entrance

There is a trail head opposite the free parking lot and by the restrooms that has two wide dirt trail options. 

AlumRockRegionalPark4.5s.JPG   AlumRockRegionalPark4s.JPG


Both trails are open to hikers, bicyclists and equestrians.  The first is a leisurely Penitecia Creek Trail (straight ahead at the sign post, the trail goes along the creek) and the second is an approximate 800 foot elevation change North Rim Trail (left at the sign post and across the creek).


Go left at signpost for North Rim Trail

In the winter and early spring, there is enough water so that you shoes may get a little wet when you cross the creek.


   Penitencia Creek

On any trail, there are wildflowers and other plant life.

AlumRockRegionalPark7s.JPG   AlumRockRegionalPark8s.JPG


The uphill North Rim trail takes you to Eagle Rock Overlook that has a view of downtown San Jose as well as down and up the valley.


North Rim-Eagle Rock Trailhead


AlumRockRegionalPark11s.JPG   AlumRockRegionalPark12s.JPG

    Downtown view                       Valley view

The North Rim trail has many deer to spot as well as a chance to see bobcats.

AlumRockRegionalPark13s.JPG   AlumRockRegionalPark14s.JPG

                  Deer spotting on the North Rim Trail


At the top of the trail is a house with large sheep and a horse. 



There are interpretive signs that describe the history of the area and how they built a railroad along the creek to come to the park in 1894.  There is also an extensive trail system that can be accessed by walking into the park and heading to the left side of the road.