EquestrianTrails in Cupertino

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Fremont Older Open Space (Cupertino)

This preserve is over 730 acres with over 14 miles of dirt trails that are open to hikers, bicycles and horses and dogs that must be on leash. At the top of the trails, there are views of the Santa Clara Valley.

Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve (Cupertino)

This 308 acre preserve is located above the Stevens Creek Reservoir.  It about four miles of dirt trails with sunny exposed orchards on the hill and shady wooded areas.. The trails are open to hikers and equestrians. The historic site is home to the Picchetti Winery and the surrounding farm. Restrooms are available near Picchetti Winery.

Rancho San Antonio County Park and Open Space (Cupertino)

This park has more than 25 miles of equestrian trails with elevation from 600 to 1200 feet. Trails are mostly dirt. There are some dedicated horse trailer parking spaces and two places with water troughs for the horses at the beginning and on the trail.

Stevens Creek County Park (Cupertino)

Stevens Creek County Park is 1,077 acres with a 92 acre reservoir. There are multi-use and hiker only trails that span up to six miles.  This park is one of the most popular birding parks in the Bay Area where over 125 species have been sighted. There are multiple restrooms available in the park.