Fremont Older Open Space

This preserve is over 730 acres with over 14 miles of dirt trails that are open to hikers, bicycles and horses and dogs that must be on leash. At the top of the trails, there are views of the Santa Clara Valley.


Dogs must be on leash.

Operating Hours

Open one half hour before sunrise until one half hour after sunset.



Disabled Access

The trails are not wheelchair friendly.


Roadside parking on Regnart Rd just past Regnart Canyon Dr.

Regnart Rd & Regnart Canyon Dr

Visit Google Maps for this Address


Take the Stevens Creek Blvd exit from Hwy 85 and head west on Stevens Creek Blvd.  Make a left at Bubb Rd and make a right on Regnart Rd.  Once you see Regnart Canyon Dr on your right, go less than one mile further and keep a look out for roadside parking by the Regnart Trail trailhead on the left hand side of the road.

Contact Info

Phone: (650) 691-1200 or email: