Boating in Peninsula

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Bair Island Ecological Reserve (Redwood City)

Bair Island is composed of three islands: Inner, Middle and Outer, that encompass about 3,000 acres of former salt ponds. Approximately 2000 acres are within the Bair Island Ecological Reserve on the Middle and Outer islands and are being restored to tidal marshes.  Powered and non-powered boats are allowed in this area of the bay.  There are over 30 miles of sloughs that are accessible by kayak and row boat and during high tide by motor boat.  The area is home to many native species, endangered and protected species of birds, mammals, fish and plants.  It is an important stop for birds on the Pacific Flyway.

Coyote Point County Recreational Area (San Mateo)

This area is 670 acres of peninsula that hosts beaches, marshes, large lawns, a marina, a fishing jetty and a nature museum.  There are boat launches at the marina.  There is plenty of parking with many parking lots scattered throughout the park. Restrooms are located at the museum and near the beach.

Coyote Point Marina (San Mateo)

The marina is part of the Coyote Point Recreation Area. It is sited off the north-eastern area of the point with direct access to the San Francisco Bay.  Coyote Point is a good place to use sailboats, powerboats, windsurf boards, jet skiis, kayaks and traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes.

Oyster Point Marina (South San Francisco)

The marina is home to a boat launching ram and fuel dock.  The site has a restaurant, picnic facilities, a 2.5 acre sandy beach, plenty of parking and restrooms.

Parkside Aquatic Park (San Mateo)

Parkside Aquatic Park is on the Marina Lagoon.  There is a boat launch and restroom facilities.