Full Review: Las Trampas Wilderness Regional Preserve

This review describes a three mile roundtrip hike in the southeastern part of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness.  This entrance is different from the one listed on the activity page.  Take the Sycamore Valley Rd exit heading west off of Interstate 680 North.  Go past the mall on your right and the road changes to Remington Drive and soon after changes to Remington Loop.  Park your car across the street from 253 Remington Loop Danville, CA 94526.   There is plenty of street parking in this residential Danville neighborhood.  You can find the park entrance on the map supplied on the activity page- look for “Remington Drive, Remington Loop” at the bottom right hand corner of the wilderness region. 


All of the trails in this park are wide, dirt fire roads that are exposed to the sun so bring your own water because no water is available in the park.  These trails are not very busy with just a few hikers and mountain bikers.  The park entrance on Remington Loop leads you to the Las Trampas Ridge Trail that starts out as a paved trail and climbs uphill.  You will pass a cattle gate and a water trough for horses on your left.


Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_1.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_2.jpg 

              Trail entrance                             Paved trail


Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_3.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_4.jpg 

                Cattle gate                          Horse water trough



As you climb up the hill, take a look back down the hill to get a view of the trail winding below and a view of the Danville area.  The trail is generally sunny and there is a large tree along the path under which one could seek respite from the sun. In about one mile, there is an intersection where the Las Trampas Ridge Trail continues straight up the hill or bears left to a flat pasture area where there were many cows. Follow the trail to the left. 


Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_5.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_6.jpg 

         Windy trail                        View of Danville


Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_7.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_8.jpg 

             Tree-lined trail                      Cows in the pasture


Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_9.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_10.jpg 



Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_11.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_12.jpg
                   Hikers                                     Trail foliage


The trail gets narrower and goes up a hill until it ends after another half of a mile.  Turn around to retrace your steps.


Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_13.jpg   Las_Trampas_Regional_Wilderness_14.jpg 

                                          Trail views