Wildlife in Mountain View

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Shoreline Lake (Mountain View)

Shoreline Lake is manmade and is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to many rare, migratory birds such as the burrowing owl. There are 50 acres of lake shores for walking and watching nature.

Shoreline Park (Mountain View)

Shoreline Park is a 750 acres wildlife and recreation area with more than eight miles of paved and dirt trails for bicycles, rollerbladers and pedestrians. The area contains two tidal marshes, two sloughs, two creeks and a seasonal marsh so is perfect for local and migrant birdwatching. There are restrooms and drinking fountains near the lake as well as two places to eat snacks or a meal.

Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Trail Open Space Preserve (Mountain View)

This 55 acre Nature Study Area is located adjacent to Mountain View’s Shoreline Park.  It has a half-mile trail for viewing a diversity of birds including pied-billed grebes, great blue herons, coots, and shovelers. Other wildlife includes the clapper rail and salt marsh harvest mouse, two endangered species that depend on this sensitive habitat to survive.