Parks in Saratoga

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Fremont Older Open Space Preserve (Saratoga)

This preserve is over 730 acres with over 14 miles of dirt trails that are open to hikers, bicycles and horses and dogs that must be on leash.  At the top of the trails, there are views of the Santa Clara Valley.  Preserves are open one half hour before sunrise until one half hour after sunset.  There is a dirt parking for about 15 cars. Park as far as you can from the golf course fence.

Parker Ranch Trail (Saratoga)

This is a four mile relatively easy loop on a wide dirt trail that is used by hikers and equestrians.  The only parking is on the road (it is free) and the trail head is at a bridge.  The trail goes uphill toward Fremont Older so there are views.  Peak elevation is about 700 feet.  The trail winds through the open spaces between the houses of the neighborhoods.  For a trail map, please click here

Sanborn County Park (Saratoga)

Sanborn County Park is within Santa Cruz mountains and has over 3,688 highly forested acres. There is a one mile nature trail that offers examples of the flora and fauna diversity in the park. There are over 15 miles of trails for hikers including the Lake Ranch Trail that offers a shaded, easy hike.  Other trails are shared with bicyclists and horses.  There are multiple restrooms available.  For a park map, please click here

Villa Montalvo County Park (Saratoga)

Villa Montalvo County Park is 137 acres that features an arboretum and gardens.  There are miles of hiking trails within the park grounds that take you past a carriage house, and lookout point, villa. For a map, please click here Villa Montalvo County Park Map