Full Review: Santa Teresa County Park

Santa Teresa County Park is located at the southern end of the Santa Teresa hills. There are entrances to the park from Santa Clara valley and from Almaden Valley. This review covers a two mile loop hike with a few hundred feet elevation change. The trail is mostly exposed to the sun with the first half of the loop on a slight uphill and the second half with a slight downhill.  The trail starts at the Pueblo Day Use Area that is located off of Bernal Road.  The day use area has many picnic tables.  There are ample parking and restrooms on site.  The nearest public phone is at the Santa Teresa Golf Course.


Santa_Teresa_County_Park_1.jpg   Santa_Teresa_County_Park_2.jpg 


    Park entrance on Bernal Road              Pueblo day use area






There are several trailheads near the parking lot.  There are two trailheads for Hidden Springs Trail- take the one heading east that is to the left of Mine Trail.  The trail is shared by hikers, bicyclists and equestrians.


Santa_Teresa_County_Park_4.jpg   Santa_Teresa_County_Park_5.jpg 

Hidden Springs & Mine Trail       Hidden Springs Trailhead



Take the Hidden Springs Trail for 0.2 miles and the trail splits.  Bear left to go to Ridge Trail and take this for 0.7 miles for views of downtown San Jose.  The path runs through a grassy area and some gnarly trees.  There are views of the Santa Teresa Golf Course on the left and then the path starts to head downhill.


Santa_Teresa_County_Park_6.jpg   Santa_Teresa_County_Park_7.jpg 


         Views of San Jose                         Gnarly trees


Santa_Teresa_County_Park_8.jpg   Santa_Teresa_County_Park_9.jpg 

   Santa Teresa Golf Course                     Downhill



       Shady part of trail



At the next intersection, bear right onto Coyote Peak Trail where you will pass Laurel Springs and a picnic table on your right for resting.  Take Coyote Peak Trail for 0.2 miles until you reach an intersection with Boundary Trail on your left. 


Santa_Teresa_County_Park_11.jpg   Santa_Teresa_County_Park_12.jpg 

          Coyote Peak Trail               Intersection with Boundary Trail



           Slight downhill


Stay on Coyote Peak Trail for another 0.3 miles until Coyote Peak Trail bears left and stay straight onto Hidden Springs Trail.  Take Hidden Springs Trail for another 0.6 miles back to the Pueblo area.



 Hidden Springs Trail Intersection


Santa_Teresa_County_Park_15.jpg   Santa_Teresa_County_Park_16.jpg 

                Downhill                      Exit trail onto parking lot