Full Review: Deer Hollow Farm

There is a roundabout about a mile from the turn onto Cristo Rey Drive.   






Stay on Crystal Rey Drive and look on the left for the Rancho San Antonio Park sign.



              Park sign



There are two large parking lots and a restroom facility.


DeerHollowFarmS2.JPG   DeerHollowFarmS3.JPG

               Parking lots                               Restrooms 


The trail to the farm is approximately one mile.  Follow the paved trail across the bridge.





If you are walking, follow the dirt trail to the right and if you are cycling, follow the paved trail to the left.



          Fork in the trail


In about a quarter of a mile, you will reach a sign and a dirt trail.



               Park sign


Follow this trail for about a half mile.  There will be a couple of places where hikers can veer off to the right and continue on dirt trails.



               Dirt trail 


The paved trail is wide.



              Paved trail 


You will arrive at another bridge which is the start of the farm and historical site.



           Second bridge


In the Spring, you will find piglets having fun in the mud and playing tag with each other (see them on video here: Baby pig video )


DeerHollowFarmS10.JPG   DeerHollowFarmS11.JPG



There is also a vegetable and herb garden.


DeerHollowFarmS12.JPG   DeerHollowFarmS13.JPG

                            Vegetable and herb garden 


Other animals include sheep and lambs (in the Spring).


DeerHollowFarmS14.JPG   DeerHollowFarmS15.JPG

                                    Sheep  and lamb


There is a shed that is home to a nature center, cows grazing and a hay barn. 



           Nature center


DeerHollowFarmS18.JPG   DeerHollowFarmS19.JPG

                                  Cows and baby calf



                Hay barn


There are other historical exhibits at the farm.