Full Review: San Jose Lawn Bowling Club

If you are coming from the west on Willow Street, you will see a large green sign for the club on the tennis courts fence on your right.  The San Jose Lawn Bowling Club is located in Bramhall Park on Camino Ramon. Park on Camino Ramon near the intersection with Britton Ave.  You should clearly see the bowling green from Camino Ramon.


San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_2.jpg   San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_4.jpg

  Tennis courts with signage           Bowling green with sign 



Entrance to the green


This lawn bowling club started in 1966 and has over 70 members.  On Saturday and Sundays, they have open play and free lessons with snacks like cookies and low-fat popcorn as well as coffee and other drinks.  Membership gives you a key to access the shed where all the bowling supplies are located so you can play whenever you want.  If you are competitive, you can take part in the tournaments at various locations in the Bay Area. They have a list of all the tournaments readily available.


San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_6.jpg   San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_7.jpg

       Snacks and beverages                       SJLBC sign


San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_8.jpg   San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_9.jpg

    Clubs in the tournaments     List of all tournaments


I visited the club on a Sunday when it is less crowded, received a personal lesson including the rules, techniques and terminology from the experts and then played a game.   They have an assortment of differently sized and weight bowls (~ three pounds).  You choose the correctly sized bowl by wrapping your hand around it. If it fits, use it!


San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_10.jpg   San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_11.jpg

                 Hand wrap                                     Bowls


The club members are a casual and friendly group of energetic older men and women. 


San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_12.jpg   San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_13.jpg

                        Club members


I met one avid player who was over 90 years old.  The San Jose Lawn Bowling Club is also proud to have Gary on their team, who is a world champion lawn bowler.


San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_14.jpg   San_Jose_Lawn_Bowling_Club_15.jpg

                               Club members in action


Here are a couple of very short videos showing two of the club members in action!

              Lawn bowling1                         Lawnbowling2