Full Review: Villa Montalvo Arboretum

The entrance to Villa Montalvo invites you to walk down a path into the Italianate Garden that is intermingled with flowers, foliage and trees as well as Italian style sculptures. The garden was designed by George Doeltz with advice from John McLaren, Superintendent of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They have planted trees along the path and throughout the garden that originate from around the world such as Kashmir Cypress (Cupressus darjeelingensis) from the eastern Himalayas, Blue Needle Palm (Trithrinax campestris) from Argentina, and Eucryphia milliganii from Chile.




Tour group at garden entrance



Villa_Montalvo_2.jpg Villa_Montalvo_3.jpg

                 White rose                       Sculpture



Villa_Montalvo_4.jpg Villa_Montalvo_5.jpg

             Resting bench                      Sphinx sculptures




More sculptures among the flowers



The path leads to the favorite home of James Phelan (1861-1930), a historic landmark built in 1912. Phelan was one of California's first popularly-elected U.S. Senator. The path to the home is lined with trees and an expansive green lawn.




Trees along the path to the house



Villa_Montalvo_8.jpg Villa_Montalvo_9.jpg

      Road to Phelan house                    Lawn flowers




       Orange tree



To the north of the Italianate Garden is the Phelan Cactus Garden created by Senator Phelan in the 1920's, which displays a variety of succulents and cacti.



Villa_Montalvo_11.jpg Villa_Montalvo_12.jpg

                               Phelan cactus garden



On other areas of the grounds, there is the Blue Garden that is home to large Spanish Firs and plants with bluish or grayish foliage including the Karoo Cycad (Encephalartos lehmanii) from South Africa, a Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea armata), and Pelt's Blue Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis 'Pelt's Blue'), a hybrid Cypress from the Pacific Northwest. The Bird Garden is located nearby the Blue Garden, underneath Cameron Hockenson's Control Tower sculpture that is composed of numerous bird houses attached to an evergreen tree, and was designed to attract birds.




    Blue garden plantings



Phelan’s Mediterranean-style house on the hill and the surrounding gardens have a total size of 175-acres if the Arts Center is included. There are $10 per person two hour walking tours of the home and the arts center led by docents. Reservations are required. lease see below for photos inside the home.



Villa_Montalvo_14.jpg Villa_Montalvo_15.jpg


          House on the hill



Villa_Montalvo_17.jpg                 Villa_Montalvo_18.jpg

Stairway with stained glass           Musical window



Villa_Montalvo_19.jpg Villa_Montalvo_20.jpg

               Dining room                      Fireplace



Villa_Montalvo_21.jpg Villa_Montalvo_22.jpg

                               Rooms and furniture