Full Review: Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Gardens

Behind the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is one blocks square of gardens called the Rosicrucian Peace Garden that host 15 different beds of flowers, other plants, fruits and vegetables. 



Map of garden


The historical buildings and sculptures are interlaced with the gardens.


RosicrucianGardens1.JPG   RosicrucianGardens3.JPG

Historical buildings


RosicrucianGardens5.JPG   RosicrucianGardens6.JPG



There are walkways through the gardens that are wheelchair accessible.  This bed contained herbs, dates and seasonal vegetables.



Bed of herbs, dates & vegetables


There is a temple toward the back of the gardens and fountains.


RosicrucianGardens4.JPG   RosicrucianGardens7.JPG

Temple                                   Fountain