Full Review: Overfelt Gardens

Finding Overfelt Gardens is easy because of the big sign in front of Educational Park Drive.  There is a large paved parking lot.  Just past the entrance to the park on the left is a covered area and some benches overlooking a pond.


OverfeltGardens s1.JPG   OverfeltGardens s2.JPG 

            Park street sign                        Large parking lot


OverfeltGardens s3.JPG   OverfeltGardens s4.JPG 

              Park entrance                   Covered seating area


OverfeltGardens s5.JPG 

  Bench with view of pond


A little further on the paved path, you cross a bridge and to the left are more benches in the shade.


OverfeltGardens s6.JPG   OverfeltGardens s7.JPG 

                   Bridge                           Benches in the shade


Bear left on the path and you will reach the California Wild native plant area and wildlife sanctuary.  This half a mile loop covers all kinds of native plants and flowers and a perfectly situated park bench for a view of the lake.


OverfeltGardens s8.JPG   OverfeltGardens s9.JPG    

    California Wild native plant area and wildlife sanctuary


OverfeltGardens s9.5.JPG   OverfeltGardens s10.JPG 



OverfeltGardens s11.JPG 

Park bench with view of lake


OverfeltGardens s12.JPG   OverfeltGardens s13.JPG 

                              California poppies


OverfeltGardens s14.JPG 

  Lake with ducks and birds


Overfelt Gardens also host the Chinese Cultural Garden, the Fragrance Garden and the Overfelt historic house.


Chinese Cultural Garden San Jose 4.JPG

   Chinese cultural garden