Full Review: Mountain View Community Garden

The Mountain View Community Gardens in just down the block from the Mountain View Senior Center. Plots are open to people age 55 and over who are Mountain View city residents.  There is usually a waiting list but since there is turnover each year, register as soon as you can.


MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden1.jpg   MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden2.jpg

               Garden gate                             Rows of plots


There is a garden committees consisting of current gardeners who help the city establish and enforce garden rules.  Gardeners are to keep their plots productive and attractive at all times.  They have free access to garden tools, hoses, frames, trash receptacles and water and must maintain these free supplies.  Supplies are kept in the shed.


MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden8.jpg   MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden11.jpg

            Free water hoses                          Tool shed


MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden3.jpg   MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden4.jpg

                                Vegetables and plants


MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden6.jpg   MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden7.jpg

                    Roses                            More plots in the back


The garden is locked and each gardener is given the combination.  The garden is meant to be a community environment so people help each other and ask questions.  There are a few picnic tables for residents to rest, eat and socialize.


MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden9.jpg   MountainView_SrCenter_Community_Garden10.jpg

               Picnic tables                        Residents watering