Full Review: Cupertino Community Gardens

These gardens are located within McClellan Ranch Park behind the farm.  The garden looks a little wild, and many plots are surrounded by tall fences that try to protect the plants from deer and other animals.  We saw flowers, vegetables and a lot of green outgrowth, possibly because some of the plots had been abandoned.


Cupertino_Community_Gardens_1.jpg   Cupertino_Community_Gardens_2.jpg

       Northern garden gate                          Open plots


Cupertino_Community_Gardens_3.jpg   Cupertino_Community_Gardens_4.jpg

                              Green plots and flowers


Cupertino_Community_Gardens_5.jpg   Cupertino_Community_Gardens_6.jpg


Cupertino_Community_Gardens_7.jpg   Cupertino_Community_Gardens_8.jpg

         Protecting the plants           Fancy plot entrance