Flycasters of San Jose

Flycasters is a fly fishing club that has monthly speakers, seminars, competitions and fishing expeditions with a focus on education,  preservation and conservation.  Throughout the year, they offer classes to members about Fly Tying, Fly Casting, Knots and various other fly fishing related topics.  The average age of members is over 60 years.


General meetings are the second Wednesday of each month.  Socializing and fly tying demonstrations begin at 6:30 pm and meetings begin at 7:20 pm.


There is an annual membership fee that depends on age.  Guests are welcome.

Disabled Access

Yes meetings, seminars, casting ponds and most other activities are wheelchair accessible.


Club meetings are at the Moreland Apartment Activity Center.

4375 Payne Ave

Visit Google Maps for this Address


The Activity Center is located at the northeast corner of Payne Ave and Saratoga Ave.  There is a free parking lot across from Payne Ave for the monthly club meetings.  Calendar event locations vary depending on the activity.

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