Full Review: Calero County Park

From highway 101, take Bailey Ave heading southwest which intersects with McKean Rd.  Make a left (head north) on McKean Rd and heading toward the Calero Reservoir.  About a mile down the road you will see a sign for the park on the left hand side of the road.  Head down the road to find the parking lot. 

There is a boat launch kiosk and the boat launch is at the end of the road.  There are public telephones and restrooms near the parking lot.


CaleroCountyPark_9.JPG   CaleroCountyPark_10.JPG

                                   Views of the reservoir


CaleroCountyPark_12.JPG   CaleroCountyPark_13.JPG 

                Fishing boat                               Person jetskiing


CaleroCountyPark_16.JPG   CaleroCountyPark_17.JPG

View from above the reservoir                 Panoramic view