EquestrianTrails in Livermore

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Brushy Peak Regional Preserve (Livermore)

The preserve gets its name from the 1700 foot Brushy Peak.  It hosts a great variety of wildlife including amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. The area is also home to many wildflowers, shrubs, woodland habitats, spring-fed ponds and coast live oak.  The area lies at the center of a network of ancient trade routes that linked Bay Area Ohlones, Bay Miwoks, and Northern Valley Yokuts, who were drawn to the area for economic, and social events. There are about ten miles of dirt trails for hiking, bicycling and horses.  Bring water with you since there is none on site.

Del Valle Regional Park (Livermore)

The park is 5,000 acres where visitors can explore miles of riding in a valley surrounded by oak trees and hosting a lake five miles long. There are paved and dirt trails.