Environment in Peninsula

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Environmental Volunteers Peninsula (Peninsula Region)

Volunteer to work with small groups of children from kindergarten through sixth grade and involve them in hands-on, discovery-based science and nature learning in local schools.  Use innovative methods of teaching children about Bay Area environments.  Volunteers also lead field trips to explore local ecosystems and reinforce concepts introduced in the classroom. Volunteers can choose the school location that is closest to them.

Golden Gate National Park Conservancy (Peninsula Region)

Lend a hand at our weekly drop-in and regularly scheduled volunteer programs. Commitment levels and training vary. Enjoy the scenic landscapes of the Golden Gate National Parks while making a vital contribution to the health of our parks and our community. Typical projects include Habitat Restoration, Landscaping and Gardening, Native Plant Nurseries, Trail Maintenance, Beach Clean-ups, and Resource Monitoring. It’s a great way to meet others, as well as a fun and rewarding way to spend the day.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Peninsula (Peninsula Region)

Volunteer at any of the many open space preserves. Activities to choose include educating and inspiring visitors, constructing and maintaining trails, and removing invasive, non-native vegetation.

Save the Bay Peninsula (Peninsula Region)

Save The Bay gives you an opportunity to participate in hands-on restoration of San Francisco Bay Area wetlands near you.The restoration program puts people on the Bay shore to collect native plant seeds,grow plants in our nurseries , sow native plants along the shoreline and monitor the health of wildlife populations. These restoration activities improve habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife, and enhance the region’s quality of life. While volunteering, learn about wetland ecology, how native plants improve Bay health, and threats affecting the Bay.