Full Review: Alviso Marina County Park

Alviso Marina County Park is part of the National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a great place for boating because of all the channels in the Alviso and Coyote sloughs that lead out to the Bay.


Enter the parking lot through Hope street and you will pass the park sign.  You will pass the restrooms and water fountains on your right.  Bear left and go through the first parking lot and bear left again into the second parking lot where the boat launch is located.  There are instruction by the boat launch about the boating rules and regulations.  Please observe posted speed limits and closed areas.


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_1.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_2.jpg 

      Hope street entrance                    County park sign


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_3.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_4.jpg 

           First parking lot                            Restrooms


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_5.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_6b.jpg 

             Water fountain                Drive to second parking lot


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_7b.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_8b.jpg 

           Boat launch sign                      Second parking lot


By the boat launch there is a sign with posted tide charts so you don’t get stuck in low tide and also a list of boating rules.  The boat launch is at Alviso Slough.



              Tide charts


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_10b.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_11b.jpg 

                                        Boat launch


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_12b.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_13b.jpg 


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_14b.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_15b.jpg 

                                       Alviso Slough


Alviso_Marina_County_Park_16b.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_17b.jpg

Alviso_Marina_County_Park_18b.jpg   Alviso_Marina_County_Park_19b.jpg


           Coyote Slough