Full Review: Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

This review covers a mainly exposed, wide trail, two mile hike from the Prospect parking lot to the view of the valley at Hunters Point and return to the parking lot.  It is advisable to bring water and sun protection.  This hike was taken at the end of the summer.  There is a moderate hill up to Hunter’s Point. 


The dirt parking lot at the end of Prospect Road has room to squeeze in about 15 cars.  We have never had a problem finding a place to park no matter what time of day or day of the week.  Keep in mind that most trails are for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians although I have rarely seen equestrians at this park.  This is a popular place for people to walk their dogs.


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_1.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_2.jpg 

              Parking lot                                     Trailhead


From the Prospect Road entrance, follow the trail uphill for one tenth of a mile and bear right onto the Cora Older trail.  On your left, you will see a sign that points the direction to Hunters Point.


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_3.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_4.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_5.jpg 

                                       Short uphill to Cora Older trail can get busy



Intersection with Cora Older trail


Take the Cora Older trail for 0.4 mile until you reach a fork in the road and bear right.  Stay on this trail for about one tenth of a mile.  At the intersection, bear left (if you take a right, you will head to Seven Springs trail which is a steeper, shadier trail).  Follow signs toward the Hayfield trail and bear right when you reach the next intersection to take the Hayfield trail to Hunters Point.  You will pass the Regnart trail on your left. 


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_7.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_8.jpg 

       Right onto next trail                   Left to Hayfield trail



    Regnart trail on the left   


Follow the signs that guide you on the Hayfield trail to Hunters Point passing the other end of Seven Springs trail on your right.


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_10.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_11.jpg 

Hayfield trail to Hunters Point   Intersection with Seven Springs


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_12.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_13.jpg 

          Yellow star thistle               Last hill to Hunters Point


When you reach Hunters Point, there is a bench where you can sit and view the hills where there are some vineyards and the valley.





Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_15.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_16.jpg 

                                          Hill views


Return back down the Hayfield trail hill and back to the Cora Older trail but instead of turning left, keep straight on the path.  This trail is for hikers only.  You will reach an intersection where you bear left to go onto the Creekside trail which is shady.  You will end up on a paved road where you bear left to get back to the parking lot.


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_17.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_18.jpg 

                               Down the Hayfield hill


Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_19.jpg   Fremont_Older_Open_Space_Preserve_20.jpg 

     Follow the trail straight              Creekside trail on left