Bicycle Clubs in South Bay

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Almaden Cycle Touring Club (South Bay Region)

The Almaden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC) promotes off and on road cycling in the Bay Area for all age and skill levels. ACTC is a volunteer-based non-profit organization emphasizing the social, recreational, transportation and health aspects of cycling.  They offer over 150 rides per month.  Guests are welcome on club rides.  They also have events like dinners and parties where you can socialize with other club members.

Grizzly Peak Cyclists (South Bay Region)

The Grizzly Peak Cyclists is a Berkeley based group that hosts about half their rides in the East Bay and the rest are all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Their club includes novices, intermediates, advanced riders with a range of rides that involve socializing and eating as well as a full day of riding.

Sunnyvale Cupertino Cycling Club (Sunnyvale)

This cycling group has evolved into a more casual group of road riders, with a focus on riding some of the most challenging and beautiful routes in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are out for a combination of cycling and socializing. They have yellow rides (40-60 miles and 2000-5000 ft elevation gain) and pink rides (20-25 miles) that are at an easy pace and are primarily to be social and fun.

Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring Club (South Bay Region)

The Valley Spokesmen are a San Francisco Bay Area bicycle club based in Dublin California. They organize local and nonlocal mainly on road rides that range from short neighborhood tours to strenuous century length rides. They have a group within the club called The Feather Pedals that is a no cost cycling group that organizes group rides for women.

Western Wheelers Bicycle Club (South Bay Region)

This club has more than 900 members covering all ages.  Guests are welcome on club rides, unless the ride description specifies for members only.  Rides are rated on pace, distance and amount of hills.