Wildlife in Redwood City

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Bair Island Ecological Reserve (Redwood City)

The area is home to many native species, endangered and protected species of birds, mammals, fish and plants.   It hosts over 280 species of shorebirds and waterfowl as well as the endangered harbor seals and salt marsh harvest mouse.  The reserve covers 30,000 acres and a variety of habitats including open bay, salt pond, salt marsh, mudflat, upland and vernal pool.  There is a three mile easy, flat, fully exposed dirt loop hike that is open to hikers, bicycles and equestrians.   There is a medium sized dirt parking lot that has room for about 15 vehicles. There are no restrooms or other facilities.

Huddart County Park (Redwood City)

Huddart Park covers 900 acres of hiking and equestrian trails with views of the valley.  Trails cover gulches, creeks, hillsides, coastal redwood forest, mixed evergreen forest and chaparral. Wildlife inhabitants include black-tailed deer, raccoons, black squirrels, jackrabbits, brush bunnies, chipmunks, lizards, a few bobcats, coyotes and grey foxes.  Birds that make their home here are acorn woodpeckers, chickadees, towhees, Steller's Jays, quail, scrub jays, and wrentits. Shrubs include manzanita, chamise, chaparral pea, yerba santa, sticky monkey flower, wild lilac, toyon, wood rose, and poison oak.  Wildflowers, such as western hound's tongue, indian warrior, and fremont's star lily (zygadene lily) also live here.