Wildlife in Morgan Hill

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Anderson Lake County Park (Morgan Hill)

This 3,144 acre park is home to Santa Clara County's largest reservoir. The park's trails are open to hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. There is a one mile self-guided nature trail located along Coyote Creek that is rich with a riparian habitat that is home to abundant regional wildlife.

Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space Preserve (Morgan Hill)

This is a 3900 acre preserve that has over 8 miles of multi-use trails with spectacular views of the Diablo Range and Mt. Hamilton.  The trails cover native grasslands, live and valley oak woodlands, sage-chaparral scrub, and creekside habitats. The Llagas Creek Loop Trail is good for viewing birds, deer, flowers, native grasses, oaks and California walnut trees.  There is no potable water for human consumption.

Uvas Canyon County Park (Morgan Hill)

Uvas Canyon County Park is 1,133 acres of wooded land that is home to two reservoirs, Uvas and Chesbro. The park has six miles of hiking only trails including a one mile Waterfall Loop that travels along Swanson Creek past many waterfalls.  You can get a self-guided interpretive trail brochure that highlights the flora in the canyon at the trailhead or ranger's office.  There are two restroom facilities.