Full Review: Edgewood Park and Preserve

The main entrance to Edgewood Park and Preserve is on Edgewood Road at the intersection with Old Stage Coach Road.  There are two parking lots, one right off of Edgewood Road and one that is further in from the road.


EdgewoodParkandPreserveS1.JPG   EdgewoodParkandPreserveS2.JPG

 Edgewood road parking lot       Parking lot inside the park


The Edgewood Trail is for both hikers and equestrians and takes you up a relatively gradual hill and back down, crossing highway 280 to arrive at Canada Road (4 miles roundtrip).



  Signpost at trail entrance 


There is a lot of shade and greenery until you get toward the top of the hill where it can get dry in the summer.



        Shady part of trail


The park is known for its bird and wildflower viewing.


EdgewoodParkandPreserveS5.JPG   EdgewoodParkandPreserveS6.JPG



 EdgewoodParkandPreserveS8.JPG   EdgewoodParkandPreserveS9.JPG

                       More wildflowers


 EdgewoodParkandPreserveS10.JPG   EdgewoodParkandPreserveS7.JPG


From the Edgewood Trail, you can make loops using the Franciscan Trail or later on,  the Serpentine Trail. 


EdgewoodParkandPreserveS12.JPG   EdgewoodParkandPreserveS13.JPG

                       Shady and sunny parts of the trail


On a clear day, at the top of the hill you can great view of both the bay and inland. 


EdgewoodParkandPreserveS14.JPG   EdgewoodParkandPreserveS15.JPG

                        Views of the trail and wildflowers