EquestrianTrails in Woodside

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Edgewood Park and Preserve (Woodside)

This park is famous for its fields of wildflowers in the springtime. The protected wilderness area is 467 acres with elevation ranging from 240 to 873 feet above sea level. There is a variety of ecological diversity with grasslands, chaparral, coastal scrub regions, foothill woodlands that support over 500 distinct plant species, the threatened Bay Checkerspot Butterfly, frogs, lizards, foxes, coyote, bobcat, raccoon, deer, and over 70 resident and migratory birds. Activities include hiking, wildlife watching, horseback riding and picnicking. There are 5 trails throughout Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve: Edgewood Trail (1.93 Miles), Serpentine Loop (1.94 miles), Ridgeview Loop (1.38 miles), Clarkia Trail (.74 Mile), and the Sylvan Loop (2.5 Miles). The Sylvan Trail is the only trail that horses are not allowed. There are restrooms on site.

Wunderlich County Park (Woodside)

This park covers over 900 acres of coastal mountain environment with a mix of redwood forest and meadows and canyons, a stream, and springs.  The dirt trails are open to both equestrians and hikers and reach an upper elevation of  2,000 feet. For equestrians, it has a lower area containing boarding stables, riding facilities, and a horse ring.  Wildlife viewing includes black-tailed deer, raccoons, black squirrels and sometimes bobcats, coyotes and grey foxes. Also,acorn woodpeckers, chickadees, towhees, and Stellar jays can be seen.  There are water and restroom facilities in the medium sized parking area.