Full Review: Wunderlich County Park

The entrance to Wunderlich County Park is not easily visible- there is a small brown park sign and blue call box sign to look out for when you are heading west on Woodside Road but when you are heading east, you can easily miss the entrance so drive slowly.  Turn into the park road, drive up the small hill and cross the bridge.   You will come to a medium sized dirt parking lot where there is a large portable toilet and a water fountain nearby the parking lot. 


WunderlichCountyPark1.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark2.JPG

       Entrance to the park                        Parking lot



Restroom and drinking water


There is a good sized equestrian parking area that would fit four to five trailers if they are aligned efficiently. 


WunderlichCountyPark4.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark5.JPG 


                                 Equestrian parking


These pictures are taken from a four mile loop with an approximately 1000 foot elevation change.  Start out on the Alambique Trail and head up to Alambique Flat (about two miles). The trail is mostly shady with many Redwood and a few Eucalyptus trees.



WunderlichCountyPark6.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark7.JPG 

         Alambique trailhead                        Shady trail


WunderlichCountyPark8.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark9.JPG

                 Redwoods                         Purple wildflowers


WunderlichCountyPark10.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark11.JPG

         Redwood covering                    Logs by the trail



Shell of an old redwood tree         


WunderlichCountyPark13.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark14.JPG

           Bench for a short rest and views of the valley


Keep heading straight to stay on the Alambique trail (Meadows trail is on your right).  There are many wildflowers along the trail in the springtime. 



Keep straight at the fork in the trail


WunderlichCountyPark16.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark17.JPG

                                  Yellow wildflowers


The trail heads gradually up but has one steeper point before you get to the intersection of Alambique and Oak trails.  There are some open parts of the trail along the way for sunshine.



     Sunny part of the trail


WunderlichCountyPark19.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark20.JPG 

                            Powder blue wildflowers



          Giant redwoods


Once you reach the intersection of the Alambique and Oak trail, you will be at an elevation of about 1000 feet.  The picture below is where you bear right to go on the Oak Trail and head back down to the parking lot or bear left to stay on the Alambique trail if you want to go to for a longer hike and to higher elevation.   After about one half of a mile, you will reach another fork in the road- bear right to use the Meadow trail to link back to the Alambique Trail and head to the parking lot. Otherwise bear left to take a longer hike and head to Salamander and Redwood Flats.


WunderlichCountyPark22.JPG                    WunderlichCountyPark23.JPG

Intersection of Alambique & Oak trails    Bear right onto Meadow trail


WunderlichCountyPark24.JPG   WunderlichCountyPark25.JPG

                                 Open, grassy areas



          Eucalyptus trees