Full Review: Mission Peak Regional Preserve

The parking lot has room for about 25 cars and if this is full you can park on Vineyard Ave, a road that you pass on your left as you go toward the parking lot. 

Park entrance and parking lot


At Mission Peak Regional Preserve, all of the trails go up so you have a great view of the bay the entire trip, whether you decide to go all the way to the top or turn around somewhere in between.  Most of the trails are very wide. 


Common trail at the park entrance


The pictures in this review are from a hike on Peak Meadow Trail which veers off to the right near the entrance to the preserve.  It is a fully exposed trail until you reach the junction with the Horse Heaven Trail.  The hike up to the junction and back is 2.6 miles and is very steep.  There are cows walking, sitting and grazing along the way so it is a good idea to keep your distance if you can.

MissionPeakRegionalPreserve3.JPG  MissionPeakRegionalPreserve4.JPG 

                                  Cows along the path


This is the first fork in the trail.  To go on the Peak Meadow Trail, make the right and continue on the trail.  You will pass Eucalyptus trees.

MissionPeakRegionalPreserve5.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve6.JPG

            Fork in the trail                       Eucalyptus trees


There is one gate to pass through along the way.  Soon after, there are views of the bay and views of the hillside.

MissionPeakRegionalPreserve7.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve8.JPG 

                     Gate                                  Views of the bay


MissionPeakRegionalPreserve9.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve10.JPG 

                                         Hillside view


MissionPeakRegionalPreserve11.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve12.JPG 

                                More views of the bay


During the spring, there are purple, yellow, orange, white and pink wildflowers along the trail.

MissionPeakRegionalPreserve13.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve14.JPG 

                     Yellow and orange wildflowers


MissionPeakRegionalPreserve15.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve16.JPG  

MissionPeakRegionalPreserve17.JPG  MissionPeakRegionalPreserve18.JPG     

                    Purple, pink and white wildflowers

The trail becomes grass just before it reaches a fork where Horse Heaven Trail goes to the right and the Peak Meadow Trail is on the left.  If you decide continue on the Peak Meadow Trail, this will intersect with the Hidden Valley Ohlone Trail where you can head back down to the park entrance (a full loop) rather than going the same way up and back down.

MissionPeakRegionalPreserve19.JPG   MissionPeakRegionalPreserve20.JPG 

             Fork in the trail                Wildflowers along the trail