Full Review: Tilden Regional Park

This review covers a hilly two mile loop hike from the entrance located at the intersection of Grizzly Peak Blvd, Centennial Drive and Golf Course drive across the street from UC Berkeley Botanical Garden and Lawrence Hall of Science. Watch for the small brown Tilden Regional Park sign at the intersection and head down Golf Course Drive.  The parking lot holds 15-20 cars,  and it only 50 feet from the intersection.  Elevation from the trailhead starts at 1600 feet and the lowest point on this loop is about 1000 feet.  The loop takes you past views of Tilden golf course.


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_1.jpg   Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_2.jpg 

  Intersection with park sign                     Parking lot


When you first start on the trail, you will see a fork in the road.  Take the right hand trail called Grizzly Peak Trail.  This trail is for hikers and equestrians only. The trail is gradually uphill and starts out exposed to the sun.  About one half of a mile later, there are some trees and a view of the ridge and the golf course.


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_3.jpg   Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_4.jpg

             Fork in the trail                 Grizzly Peak trail


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_5.jpg         Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_6.jpg

           Eucalyptus trees           Ridge view with California Bay trees


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_7.jpg                     Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_8.jpg

                              Pine trees and shade


After a mile, there is another fork in the trail. Stay straight to keep on Grizzly Peak trial.  In just a few feet, you will come to another intersection, where you want to bear left to go to the Tower trail.  The Tower Trail is for hikers and equestrians only and takes you downhill where the trail becomes rocky and shady with many ferns and trees.  In about 300 feet, you will come to another intersection.  Stay left to stay on the Tower Trail where bicyclists are now allowed on the trail.  This trail is flat.  At the next intersection with a fire road, if you bear right, there are restrooms, drinking water and picnic tables.


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_9.jpg   Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_11.jpg 

        Second intersection               Tower trail intersection


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_12.jpg   Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_13.jpg

             Downhill and foliage along path 


At the next intersection, on the right is the Golf Course Trail and to the left (where you want to go if you want a loop hike) is the Redwood Trail that is accessible to hikers, equestrians and bicyclists. The Redwood Trail takes you gradually uphill with redwood trees supplying shade.


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_14.jpg            Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_15.jpg 

Redwood and Golf Course Trail intersection       Coast live oak trees


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_16.jpg           Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_17.jpg 

                                           Redwood trail       


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_18.jpg           Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_19.jpg 

View of the Tilden Golf Course                   Redwood trail


Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_20.jpg          Tilden_Regional_Park_Full_Reivew_21.jpg