Full Review: Vasona Lake County Park

The entrance to the park is at the intersection of Blossom Hill Road and Roberts Road.  If you want to save some money, there is free parking along University Ave and Blossom Hill Road.  Also, if you go down Roberts Road across from the park entrance and make a left onto Ohlone Road, there is residential parking.  You can catch the trail along Roberts Rd.  The walk described in this review starts at Ohlone Road along the Los Gatos Creek Trail before it goes under Blossom Hill Road. It is two to three miles roundtrip.


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_1.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_2.jpg

   Park entrance intersection    Los Gatos Creek Trail


The trail is used by runners, walkers, bicyclists and rollerbladers as well as people walking their dogs.  If you enjoy wildlife viewing, bring binoculars, so you do not miss anything. There are plenty of places to stop to rest and eat a snack so bring a little food and water.  The paved trail passes under Blossom Hill Road after about a quarter of a mile. 



 Blossom Hill road overpass


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_4.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_5.jpg

               Trail                                 Wildflower


There are plenty of portable toilets, restrooms and some water fountains available along the trails. After passing underneath Blossom Hill road, you will pass the historic Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad that only costs $2 per ride.  It is popular with adults and children.  Steam operation starts in May and runs through October most weekends. The two diesel engines run on summer weekdays and weekends from November through April.  The steam engine was doomed to be made into scrap metal, but Billy Jones, a long time a railroad man, purchased the engine in 1939.  Since then, many volunteers have dedicated many hours of their time to restoring the engine. 


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_6.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_7.jpg

        Portable toilets and restrooms near park entrance


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_8.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_9.jpg

                   Billy Jones railroad crossing and train


The paved trail is a wide and has two way traffic.  There are plenty of picnic tables and a restroom facility along this part of the trail.  The creek runs alongside the trail and is popular for fishing.  Keep your eyes open for waterfowl by the creek, such as Green Back and Great Blue Herons, Great and Snowy Egrets, Mallard Ducks, American Coots, Double-crested Cormorants, Pied-billed Grebe and American Wigeons.


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_10.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_12.jpg

             Creekside trail                                 Grebe


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_13.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_14.jpg

     Picnic tables and bench                      Bicyclists


The park comes with a lot of history and culture so look out for educational signage.  The land now used for Vasona Lake County Park was originally owned by Jose Maria Hernandez and his brother-in-law Sebastian Fabian Peralta in 1840. The land was originally named El Rancho Rinconada de los Gatos and included downtown Los Gatos. 


We crossed the creek at the bridge and continued toward the boat center where you can rent paddle and row boats to use on the lake from early Spring to early Fall.  he lake is popular for fishing which has Black Bass, Crappie, Catfish and Blue Gill.


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_15.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_16.jpg

                                    Bridge crossing


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_17.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_18.jpg

                       Park benches by the creek and lake


Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_19.jpg   Vasona_Lake_County_Park_Los_Gatos_20.jpg

               Boat launch                                   Grebes



    Artist by the lake