Full Review: Upper Stevens Creek County Park

The entrance to Upper Stevens Creek County Park is not easily visible.  There is a small brown park sign and blue call box sign to look out for when you are heading south on Skyline Boulevard but when you are heading north, you can easily miss the entrance so drive slowly. Just pull over to the side of Skyline Boulevard and park.  There is no parking lot as such.

The entrance to Saratoga Gap Trail of Upper Stevens Creek County Park is shown below.



      Saratoga Gap Trailhead



The photographs were taken on Saratoga Gap Trail as we headed toward Table Mountain. The trail slopes downwards and is mostly shady with various tree types. It is great during the hot summers especially July and August.  Heavily wooded, the tree trunks are covered with moss.


Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_2.jpg   Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_3.jpg

                 Shady trail                        Moss-covered tree trunks



Walking downhill you get to a wider, less-shaded portion of Saratoga Gap Trail.


Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_4.jpg    Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_5.jpg 

       Saratoga Gap trail sign                   Exposed parts of trail


In less than one half mile, you will reach the intersection of Saratoga Gap Trail, Charcoal Road and Upper Table Mountain Trail. Take the trail on the left onto the shady Upper Table Mountain Trail. Hikers are allowed on this trail but bikers and horses are not permitted.


Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_6.jpg   Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_7.jpg

        Three trail intersection              Upper Table Mountain Trail


On this trail there are yellow and purples wildflowers.


Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_8.jpg   Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_9.jpg

           Yellow wildflowers                        Purple wildflowers


On this shady trail downward sloping trail are large moss-covered trees and red trunked trees and ferns.


Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_10.jpg   Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_11.jpg

           Red-trunked trees                                Ferns



        Moss-covered tree


The beginning of the trail is shady then it changes character into an exposed rocky trail bordered by Manzanita shrubs with an open view of the valley.



          Manzanita shrubs


Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_14.jpg   Upper_Stevens_Canyon_County_Park_15.jpg

                                    Views of the valley



Walking for one half hour on Upper Table Mountain Trail, you will descend gradually from a 2400 feet down to about 1800 feet.