Full Review: El Sereno Open Space Preserve

There is a six car pullout for parking at the end of Montevina Road. There is a gate at the trailhead for Montevina Ridge Trail that is open to hikers, bicycles and horses but no dogs are allowed. The trails are very wide, exposed to sun, dirt trails or fire roads and the Follow the Montevina Ridge Trail for 0.2 miles and it will come to a fork.  Bear right to follow Aquinas Trail where you head gradually downhill for four miles. There are many views of the Lexington Reservoir, Silicon Valley and downtown San Jose along the way.


El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_1.jpg   El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_2.jpg 

          Roadside parking                             Trailhead


El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_3.jpg   El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_4.jpg 

 View of Lexington Reservoir              Aquinas trailhead


El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_5.jpg   El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_6.jpg
        Lexington Reservoir                    Wide downhill trail


El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_7.jpg   El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_8.jpg 

          View of trail below                     Lexington Reservoir


El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_9.jpg   El_Sereno_Open_Space_Preserve_10.jpg 

  View of downtown San Jose                 Wide dirt trail