Day Worker Center

The Day Worker Center was established  to provide job matching services between day workers and  local homeowners and businesses.  They have a wide range of volunteer opportunities and do their best to match the opportunities with your skills, interests, and schedule. Examples include (1) Skills Instructors: teach the use of tools for gardening, moving, housecleaning, carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc. (2) English and  ESL instructors. (4) English Tutors: Work one on one with a worker to improve their English skills. (5) Health Education Instructor: teach modern hygiene, nutrition, and health practices. (5) Financial Skills Instructor: teach basic modern finances. (6) Employment Skills Instructor: help workers with resumes and job searches; match job advertisements and laborers.


113 Escuela Avenue

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Phone: 650-903-4102 or Email: