Youth Legal in the South Bay

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Benchmark Institute (San Jose)

Volunteers help attorneys practice their litigation skills by playing roles as clients (witnesses) or jurors for simulations. They need to play the role of a landlord or tenant or juror in the simulation of the trial. Role plyaing may occur at locations throughout the Bay Area.

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley (San Jose)
This organization provides a variety of free legal services for low income individuals. There are opportunties for attorneys and people with some legal background to help with their programs.
The Pro Bono Project (South Bay Region)

The Pro Bono Project provides quality, caring representation to clients with limited means and handle only cases in Santa Clara County. All volunteers for the Pro Bono Project can use the space, conference rooms, voice mail, computers, and software available in our offices for work on Pro Bono cases. PBP carries primary malpractice coverage for all our volunteers. Attorneys, law students, para legals and caring citizens can help with court cases.