Full Review: Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

Monte Bello Open Space Preserve is located on Page Mill Road before you reach Skyline Blvd.  As you head west on Page Mill Road about 500 feet before the Preserve watch out for a green sign that says “Monte Bello Open Space Preserve” with an arrow.  At the site of the spacious dirt parking lot, there is a large wooden sign on the left hand side of the road.  There is a restroom in the parking lot.  At the trailhead they have maps for orientation and choice of trails.  This review covers the Stevens Creek Nature Trail (hikers only) and connection to the Canyon trail (bicycles, hikers and equestrian) for an out and back trip lasting about one hour.  It is a moderate downhill that is exposed to the sun on the nature trail with some trees on the Canyon trail.  The colors and foliage reflect the month when the pictures were taken- August.  Look out for the sign that guides you to the Stevens Creek Nature Trail.  Unfortunately most of the signs that guide you through flora on the trail are unreadable.


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_1.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_2.jpg 

           Monte Bello Sign                                Entrance


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_3.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_4.jpg 

                 Parking lot                                   Trailhead



The path is wide and bordered by fields of golden grasses in August. Across the canyon you can see the green hills.


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_5.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_6.jpg 

                        Golden grassy fields and green hills



There is a bench on the left for resting and an intersection where you bear left to head over to Canyon Trail.



           Bench along trail



As you walk on the trail, you will get to a gate where you make a right turn.  A little later on, make another right hand turn onto a tree-lined and shady part of the trail.


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_8.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_9.jpg 

                     Gate                                    Wildflowers


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_10.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_11.jpg 

                Wide trails                                   Broad trees


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_12.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_13.jpg 

         Exposed part of trail                       Shady part of trail



You will pass a sag pond on the left with a bench beside it in the shade and then the trail opens up again.  You will see some wildflowers and blackberries along the trial.


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_14.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_15.jpg 

                                Sag pond


Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_16.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_17s.jpg  

            White wildflowers                        Wild blackberries



Arrive at a fork in the road where the left goes to Bella Vista Trail and Backpack Camp and right to stay on Canyon Trail.  The trail is surrounded by grasses and there is a third bench to stop and take a rest or view the scenery. The trail continues in the shade.  Turn around and head back for about a one hour hike.

Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_18.jpg   Montebello_Open_Space_Preserve_19.jpg 

            Trail intersection                            Third bench



         Shady part of trail