Full Review: Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve is located off Skyline Boulevard at the intersection with Page Mill Road. Look for the big brown wooden Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve sign in front of the parking lot.  Most of these trails are rolling hills unless you choose to head down into the valley.  Many times, clouds roll in and it can get quite cool and damp in this area, so be prepared with a warm sweatshirt or fleece.  When you get to the trail entrance, there are two choices.  In one direction (south), there is a nature trail.  In the other direction, there is a trailhead for the Ridge Trail.  This is a description of an easy one hour walk out and back on the Ridge and Ancient Oaks Trail.


RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve1s.jpg   RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve2s.jpg 

Wooden sign near parking lot                      Nature trail


Following the wide Ridge Trail and you will find a blanket of white wildflowers on the grassy hillside and some forlorn yellow wildflowers.


RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve3s.jpg   RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve4s.jpg 

   Blanket of white wildflowers                Yellow wildflowers



               Wide trail


After one half of a mile, there is a fork in the path.  If you head straight, you will tour the rolling hills.  If you bear left, you choose to go in the slight downhill direction to Ancient Oaks Trail.  We followed Ancient Oaks Trail.



             Fork in the path 


When you get to Ancient Oaks Trail make a right to head towards Mindego Ridge Trail.   Along the mile of Ancient Oaks Trail, you will see California poppies, and yellow, purple and blue wildflowers and a bench to sit if you want to rest. There are open views of grassy hillside and artistically shaped trees.  Then you will arrive at another fork in the path.

RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve7s.jpg   RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve8s.jpg 

            California poppies                        Mountain violet


RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve9s.jpg   RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve10s.jpg

             Pink wildflower                             Miniature lupine


RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve11s.jpg   RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve12s.jpg

                    Bench                                    Grassy hillside



                 Tree art


Mindego Ridge Trail will be on your left but if you want to stay on the Ancient Oaks Trail stay to your right. The Ancient Oaks Trail has many dark brown, moss covered trees and is shady.

RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve14s.jpg   RussianRidgeOpenSpacePreserve15s.jpg 

      Shady Ancient Oaks Trail                    Tree canopy


You can continue onwards or turn around and head back to the parking lot.