Entomology Exploration

Join us for a thoughtful stroll at Hellyer County Park while we look for, see and learn about the insects that live in the area around and in Cottonwood Lake and Coyote Creek such as damselflies, moths, backswimmers, scuds, beetles, and the variety of insects that live on the leaves and stems of our oak trees including colorful, textured and differently shaped gall wasps. The walk will be led by an entomologist. We will end our journey with a bring your own picnic lunch. Photo by Ron Horii.


Registration is required by clicking here https://www.bayareaolderadults.org/bao-hikes and choose Hike 7.


Wednesday May 11, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Premium Member fee $15 Basic Member fee $20 Non-member fee $25

Disabled Access



Hellyer County Park in San Jose

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info@bayareaolderadults.org or 408.774.0593

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