Other dance in the South Bay

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Capacitor (South Bay Region)

This dance company has seven full length dance shows. Their performances are a unique collaboration between dance and science that leads to a bound breaking show.

High Release Dance (South Bay Region)

They were founded in 1994 by a group of modern dancers that work in a collaborative environment. Their work spans a variety of dance styles from highly abstract modern to jazz, lyrical movement poems, improvisations, and theatrical works. In addition the mood ranges from serious to humorous. Performance locations are all over the Bay Area.

Huckabay McAllister Dance (South Bay Region)

This is a San Francisco based dance and theatre company, established in 1993 by Co Directors Jenny McAllister and Emma Lou Huckabay (now retired). They have been producing full evening works in fall seasons in San Francisco since 1995, as well as performing in other lcoations throughout the Bay Area. The performances are a unique combination of modern dance and humor.

sjDANCEco (San Jose)

Founded in 2003 to meet the need for contemporary dance opportunities.