Full Review: Woodside Store

The Woodside Store was originally built in 1854. It is surrounded on two sides with native oaks and Redwoods.


WoodsideStoreHistoricSite1.JPG   WoodsideStoreHistoricSite2.JPG

       Parking lot and trees                The Woodside Store



          The Post Office


The store was built by Matthias Alfred Parkhurst and a dentist named Robert Orville Tripp both originally from Massachusetts.  During the Gold Rush, they launched a lumber business and sold to lumbermen, teamsters, blacksmiths, wagon makers, storekeepers, and saloon owners.  Parkhurst died in 1863 and Dr. Tripp took over operation of the store until his death in 1909. Tripp became a legendary Woodside character since he was very active in public life as a San Francisco county supervisor, U.S postmaster, San Mateo County deputy sheriff, public administrator, deputy assessor, and custodian of the library.  In 1940 the store was purchased by San Mateo County, restored to its 1880s condition and is now operated as a public museum.  The museum is home to many artifacts of the times and as a docent you share information about the history of the times with visitors.