Full Review: Palo Alto California Ave Farmers Market

Bring your re-usable bags if you can, knapsack and/or a wheel cart to hold all your food as there are many tempting offerings at this market.  The market is relatively large and packs a few blocks of California Ave. 


PaloAltoCAaveFM1sized.JPG   PaloAltoCAaveFM1.5sized.JPG


There is a wide variety of food to choose from including organic and/or locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables with free tastings, fresh baked goods like bread and pastries and ready to eat hot foods like crepes, Indian curries, tamales and roast chicken.  The market also offers herbs, preserves, cheeses and dates as well as fresh fish and other meats.


PaloAltoCAaveFM2sized.JPG   PaloAltoCAaveFM3sized.JPG

           Fresh vegetables                         Free tastings


PaloAltoCAaveFM5sized.JPG   PaloAltoCAaveFM6sized.JPG



    Flowers and plants


PaloAltoCAaveFM10sized.JPG   PaloAltoCAaveFM11sized.JPG

        Fresh baked goods                  Roast chicken


PaloAltoCAaveFM7sized.JPG   PaloAltoCAaveFM8sized.JPG

          Herbs and plants                              Preserves


There is also live music such as guitar players.