Full Review: Campbell Farmers Market

This market has easy access since there is plenty of free public parking in garages and lots around Campbell Avenue. Both the parking and market get busy in the late morning, so if you enjoy your space more than a crowd, it is recommended that you to arrive before 11 am. 


CampbellFarmersMarket1.JPG   CampbellFarmersMarket2.JPG

                           Campbell market at 11 am


The Campbell Farmers’ Market goes on for several blocks on Campbell Avenue. This market is very lively, with so many people coming to shop from variety of vendors. On the east end of the market, there are local arts and crafts. The west side of the market hosts farm produce and food vendors.  The arts and crafts vendors sell original art and crafts including jewelry, paintings, glass crafts, clothing, bags, and other miscellaneous art pieces. Some artists even donate a portion of their profits to charity while other artists use recycled materials to create their art. 


CampbellFarmersMarket3.JPG   CampbellFarmersMarket4.JPG

             Jewelry vendor                           Paintings



Recycled glass art


If you like growing your own vegetables, herbs or flowers, there are starters and potted plants for your garden. Of course, there are freshly cut flowers sold at the market. You can even get fresh cut colorful dahlias, which are hardly ever available at super markets.


CampbellFarmersMarket6.JPG   CampbellFarmersMarket7.JPG 

            Potted plants                              Dahlias


The farm produce and food vendors sell an incredible variety of produce and food. The farm produce is so fresh you can smell the aroma!  There are seasonal vegetables like cherry tomatoes and peppers that come in unique shapes and colors.


CampbellFarmersMarket8.JPG   CampbellFarmersMarket9.JPG 

        Fresh basil                    Cherry tomatoes


CampbellFarmersMarket10.JPG   CampbellFarmersMarket11.JPG 

           Colorful peppers                           Artichokes


You can sample many of the farm produce such as peaches and plums. There are also baked goods, sweets, tea, spices, fresh salsa, salad dressing, pizza and Indian food offered at the market.  There are a few musicians performing live music in between the different food vendors.


CampbellFarmersMarket12.JPG   CampbellFarmersMarket13.JPG 

 Peaches and plum samples              Guitarist


You can enjoy freshly made crepes, authentic Oaxacan food, kettle corn, falafel, hot dog, spring roll and lots more while you shop around the market. There are a few benches on the corners of the sidewalks where you can sit and enjoy your food.


CampbellFarmersMarket14.JPG        CampbellFarmersMarket15.JPG

                Oyster bar                   Spinach, tomato and cheese crepe


CampbellFarmersMarket16.JPG        CampbellFarmersMarket17.JPG

            Biscotti tasting                                 Oaxacan food


This review was submitted by Tomoka