Full Review: Belmont Farmers Market

The market is located at the cross-street of El Camino Real and O’Neill Avenue at the entrance to the Belmont Caltrain station.  Part of the parking lot hosts the food stands and the rest is for cars to park. 


Belmont_Farmers_Market_1.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_2.jpg

                     El Camino entrance to farmers market


Belmont_Farmers_Market_3.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_4.jpg

                 Parking lot                               Food stands


The pictures for this review were taken in the summer time.  The market has plentiful organic and non-organic fresh fruits and vegetables.  Bitter melon is one of the fruits highlighted at the market when it is in season. This is a very bitter fruit widely grown in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean which is generally consumed cooked in the green or early yellowing stage. This fruit contains many biologically active substances, some of which were shown to have cardioprotective and hypoglycemic effects in animal models and can act as appetite suppressants.


Belmont_Farmers_Market_5.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_6.jpg

             Grapes                               Flowers


Belmont_Farmers_Market_7.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_8.jpg

               Bitter melon                                 Organic


Belmont_Farmers_Market_9.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_10.jpg

                 Oranges                       Strawberries & raspberries

Vendors also sell fresh flowers, honey, baked goods, and fresh duck and chicken eggs.


Belmont_Farmers_Market_11.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_12.jpg

                 Shoppers                                   Peaches





Belmont_Farmers_Market_14.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_15.jpg

                           Raisin grapes


As with other farmers markets, there are many chances to taste the food including the fruits and desserts!


Belmont_Farmers_Market_16.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_17.jpg

            Honey                             Fruit tastings


Belmont_Farmers_Market_18.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_19.jpg

                Fresh eggs                             Squash


Belmont_Farmers_Market_20.jpg   Belmont_Farmers_Market_21.jpg

            Pastry tastings                               Eggplant