Adult Disability in San Jose

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Agnews Development Center (San Jose)

Agnews provides quality care and services to persons with developmental disabilities. They offer flexible day or evening, weekday or weekend volunteer opportunities. Make a longer term commitment or help out with a one day event.

One Step Closer Therapeutic Riding (San Jose)

Therapeutic riding and other equine related activities have been used for decades as a tool for improving the lives of individuals with physical disabilities and other special needs. Riding a horse gives a sense of freedom, mobility and accomplishment. There are many volunteer opportunities regardless of your experience or inexperience with horses: fundraising activities, clerical assistance, assist the riding participants by sidewalking, and small and large building and repairing jobs.They will work with you to find the area where you will feel most comfortable and that will be the most rewarding to you.

Project Hired (San Jose)

Help individuals with disabilities to gain and sustain employment. There are many programs to get involved with including (1) Mentor Program: provides practical, hands on job search skills training by establishing and facilitating structured mentoring relationships between job seekers and mentors from local companies. (2) Mock Interview: provide constructive feedback through a mock interview; meet with an applicant to share trends in your industry, provide career and job insights, and professional or personal referrals and contacts. (3) Computer Resource Center: assist job seekerswith resume writing, internet job searches, online skills training, interview preparation and online job applications. (4) Job Club and Seminar Speakers: facilitate seminars and workshop sessions covering job search related topics including resume writing, careers in different industries, interviewing skills and self promotion.

Santa Clara Valley Blind Center (San Jose)

Examples of how you can help are providing in home support: with reading mail, paying bills, and running errands, helping clients as needed at the Center, help with Bingo night, driver or guide for group outings, assist with activities like sewing and quilting, ceramics, yoga and gardening as well as adaptive computer programs and low vision equipment. Prior experience working with the blind is not necessary.

TransAccess (San Jose)
TransAccess assists individuals 15 years of age or older who have all types of disabilities, physical (ALS, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke), sensory (low vision, blindness, limited hearing), learning, and work related (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, etc.). TransAccess provides these persons access to adaptive technology and career transition services so that they can achieve their desired education, employment and quality of life. Examples of volunteering opportunties include helping students with job searches, applications and interview preparation, provide support at job fairs and mentoring the students.