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Monday Afternoon Tea with BAO

Join us for a virtual afternoon tea from 1:00 to 2:00 PM every other Monday where we will sip tea or our favorite beverage and converse with each other.
New events will be added as needed, so check back to this page for updates.

Since we are all sheltered at home in order to keep each other safe and healthy, we thought it would be nice at the top of the week to hear each other voices and see each other's faces while sipping your favorite cup of tea (or another favorite drink, for some of you it could be an early Happy Hour!). Each afternoon we will focus on a different topic from the list below so you can register for the events you are interested in.
IMPORTANT: Please come prepared by reading or watching the recommended video before you join the meeting.
You can participate by phone or by video conference - it is your choice. A few days before the meeting, we will email you the phone number to call in and the free video conference information.

Please register below. Required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). Please click SUBMIT when you have finished filling out the form.

Please choose the events you would like to register for from the list below and check the box if you want to play virtual BINGO with us. If you want to play, we will email you a bingo card and at the end of each BAO event (lecture or tea), we will draw a number.

The past two years, the federal government has increased NASA’s budget. Its 2020 budget is almost $23 B with a significant fraction dedicated to the Mars Exploration Program and technologies needed for the program. Please read this article Going to Mars Article before our group discussion about our nation's goal of exploring this red planet.

The first CRISPR gene editing clinical trials (testing in humans) started in 2019. Let’s read an article about the use of this technology to treat human disease and have a discussion around the benefits, risks, ethical questions and more. Before our group discussion, please read this article Genetically Engineering Article.

With only 17 states not legalizing marijuana for either medical or recreational uses, what is the case for the federal government to legalize its use? Please read this article Marijuana Article before our group discussion.

Only about 23% of voters cast their ballots by mail in the 2016 presidential elections, and with mistrust about online voting, how will we vote in November if we cannot gather in groups due to COVID-19? Join us to brainstorm about how to solve this problem. Please read this article 2020 Elections Article before our group discussion.

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