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Join Bay Area Older Adults (BAO)

Benefits of becoming a member

Nonmembers are free to use the website without registering, however, membership is FREE and only requires you to register three pieces of information — your name, zip code and email address. To register, please use the form below. Please see our privacy policy that describes the protection of your personal information. Please read the terms of use to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding the use of the BAO Website.

Here are some of the important benefits to becoming a member of Bay Area Older Adults™ (BAO). As a member, you have FREE access to

  • Member only discounts: Discounts on products and services relevant to our mission.
  • Monthly newsletters: A comprehensive list of fun and healthy group events.
  • Member events: BAO organizes fun and healthy group events for our members so you can meet other members with similar interests.
  • Forum: This new website feature makes it easy for you to communicate with other members of the BAO community. This is an opportunity to find others with similar interests, start groups that attend events together and share information.
  • Your own personal calendar: For more details, click calendar

Member registration

To become a member please fill out the information below. The asterisk (*) indicates that it is a required field. Please click SUBMIT when you are finished.

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